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October 23, is a half- Swiss half- Filipino Philippine voice actress. As of , she is currently a radio disc jockey in the Philippines and known as DJ Kara Karinyosa [1] [2] of Contents [ show ] Career The main role of Ash Ketchum was given to Magboo, who is also a professional singer, model and stage performer. She also voices Ash’s mother, Delia Ketchum.

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Tomboy Tarta to an extent and Girly Girl Tatra. Like Caldina, Tarta was sexy and aware of it, but very athletic. After the Time Skip , Alisa even cuts her hair short. Unless they’re playing sports, whereupon Suzuka reveals a enthusiasm and strength equivalent to Nanoha in battle , as Fate found out. Suzuka “blows Fate out of the sky” with a thrown dodgeball. Fate is a high speed, close combat specialist. Suzuka and Alisa seem to be slightly more than just close friends as well. The third season gives us Subaru and Teana Teana’s the tall one , the former being a Genki Girl and the latter a Tsundere.

Subaru and her older sister Ginga may work as well, as Ginga wears more conservative clothing than Subaru who wears shorts and a white bow on her hair during battle, wearing pants and a black ribbon on her Rapunzel Hair. Signum sometimes plays tomboy to Shamal ‘s girly girl; the former tends to wear shorter skirts or pants and teaches kendo in her spare time, and the latter wears long skirts or dresses often with a pink apron , and enjoys spending time with neighborhood wives.

While the two have similar near-emotionless personalities , Numbers cyborg twins Otto and Deed fall into this trope, with Deed having long brown hair and a somewhat feminine appearance and Otto having short hair and being androgynous to the point where viewers and even the other Numbers are unsure of her gender. When the two join the Saint Church, Deed becomes a nun, wearing a typical habit, while Otto becomes a Deacon and wears a male uniform. And now we have two examples from the new mangas: Tzuki seems to have a thing for this trope.

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Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun Why the leaks now? An industry insider comments on why after several years of a rumoured relationship, media outlets have only recently begun to report on them, with even photos being published. To avoid scandals while it is on-air, the marriage will have to wait for a year at the very least. Being the main breadwinner of the agency, they will not give her the green light so easily either.

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Johnny now is the president and Mr. Mary the vice president, and at this point Mr. The scoop was released by Weekly Bunshun on August Actively focused on the stage directed by Mr. From the time of entering in office Takizawa received the trust and favoritism of Mr. Johnny and since then Mr. Takizawa remains loyal to the president Sports paper reporter.

It is said that Mr. Miyake Ken of V6 is likely to receive great benefit from such a succession of Takizawa. Morita Go, who married with Miyazawa Rie. Meanwhile V6 members marry one after another and only Miyake continuous being a single man.

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This French comedy-drama features Felix, an unemployed, gay Frenchman of Arab descent, who has a series of adventures during a trek through the French countryside. The film examines the familiar theme of a man’s search for his identity. Felix is forced toconfront the anger he feels toward his father forabandoning him, and the fear and shame he feels, living as an outsider in a predominantly straight, Caucasian world. Australia, Directed by Stephan Elliott.

With a contract to perform a drag show way out in the Australian desert, Tick, Adam, and Ralph each has his own reason for wanting to leave the safety of Sydney. Christening their battered pink tour bus “Priscilla,” the trio heads for the outback and into crazy adventures in even crazier outfits.

Who would you like to see next pairing with inoue mao? Yamapi.

November 28, No comments Episode ini menurutku sangat seru. Selain itu di episode ini akhirnya kita melihat perjalanan pertama 5 sahabat. Meski perjalanan singkat, tapi terlihat sangat seru. Teman-teman sekelas masih sama tapi mereka boleh berganti tempat duduk. Setelah liburan panjang, Xiao Xi datang ke sekolah dan reuni bersama Jing Jing. Xiao Xi senang karena Jing Jing sudah menyiapkan tempat duduk untuknya.

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By Nigore Hana Yori Dango reveal they have been dating 9. Mao stepped back from acting to concentrate on her studies. Rand gold unbridle, their kayaks pelorized daguerreotyping tenaciously.

* Based on Kamino Okina`s Asobi ni Iku yo! light novel series. The story revolves around Kakazu Kio, an ordinary high school freshman living in Okinawa. Note that novel means book with words in paper, so no comics and no “visual novels”, which should go under manga and dating-sim Inoue Kikuko. episode appearance appears in ep: , 6, 9.

However, in some cases it is said that marriage is the most popular invitation to bring down the idol image. There seems to be many people who hesitate about this condition. But nonetheless seems to think Arashi got married in the middle of his popularity Advertising agency official But the situation seems has already changed. The office also push Ninomiya and puts his own condition.

Marriage will pass only when 20th Anniversary tour has been successfully completed the same advertising agency official. In April this year magazines report that couple also living together in Ninomiya condominium Weekly Women. After she retired from the entertainment industry the relationship becomes more serious in expectation to marry. Ninomiya falling more in love with her when Ito quits her office. Even marriage can destroy popularity.

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Despite not following J-entertainment as closely as Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese I still have my small fandoms and ships. It doesn’t matter how old I get or how much I mature. My little shipper heart still flutters at the thoughts that Makino and Domyouji have been dating for over 11 years with marriage in the horizon. In case any of you are wondering they were the stars of a small little drama called “Hana Yori Dango ” the drama that spawned the k-version Boys Over Flowers.

They have kept their relationship on the down low. Its the type of celebrity couple that the tabloids try to catch but somehow they always stay allusive.

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Friday, April 25, Friday catches Inoue Mao on a late night date with Matsujun After the stage greet of her movie ‘ Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken ‘, Inoue Mao went back to her home in a quiet residential area in Tokyo where she lives with her parents. Three hours later, at about half past 10, Inoue Mao, clad in a hat, mask and glasses left again. Looking about around her, she got into a taxi.

A few minutes later, she got off. It seems like she had abruptly received a call. Maybe she was looking for her destination, but as she looked at her phone, she was walking this way and that. She finally ended up at an exclusive yakiniku restaurant that came with private rooms. It was close to time for last orders, but she went in without hesitation. There was a reason for her to be vigilant although she was out late at night with hardly anyone around and this was because it was none other than Matsumoto Jun that was waiting for her inside.

At 2 am, it was two hours past closing time and the entrance was already locked for the night. The lights were already switched off.

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Does Moon Hee Jun have a girlfriend? Recently this question was brought up during an interview and Hee Jun himself answer the question, he states that “no i do not have a girlfriend” but they also asked, if you had one, would you tell us? So even though he said no, who really knows, but personall…y, i don’t think he has one at the moment. MORE Is mike he jun xiang have a girlfriend now? Mike He Jun Xiang is very single now. He is currently concentrating on his career as well as with his studies.

Mao Inoue (ˆä ã ^‰›, Inoue Mao?, born January 9, in Yokohama) is a Japanese actress. She was a popular U idol from ; she was well known for her role as Imai Akane in the drama Kids War. Since the age of five she had parts in several dramas, but it wasn`t until the debut of Kids.

The fans just want these 2 to get married, right? But I get the feeling that the MatsuJun wotas will go wild if they’re really in a relationship w So are they coming up with a sequel to HanaDan? Could it be because I’m not watching his dramas that’s why I don’t think of him that way? I think he has a face that really gets mixed impressions. But the guy who played Tsukushi’s dad passed away already I think one member of each group in Johnny’s is allowed to get married and be in that “father position”.

This marriage must be a ploy to stimulate some buzz surrounding MatsuJun as he seems to be the least popular member of Arashi. This is definitely bogus. I don’t think this’ll happen unless she’s pregnant. I don’t think MatsuJun suits Mao Inoue’s personality. I think Sakurai is a better fit for her. If a common person marries Arashi, I can’t imagine the sort of pandemonium it would bring, so it must be someone from showbiz as well.

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South Korea Plot Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless Jun-pyo Koo. Geum Jan-Di Hye-seon Ku is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school. There she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4.

Jun Matsumoto is a 35 year old Japanese Vocalist. Born jun matsumoto on 30th August, in tokyo, he is famous for arashi`s member. Born jun matsumoto on 30th August, in tokyo, he is famous for arashi`s member.

And then there are parts that are really, really bad. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I suppose the entire sequence is supposed to be magical and dream-like, but when everyone on the dance floor is bumbling around in a stiff, bobbing box-step, it does kind of suck the elegance out of the moment. Not keen to watch Jan-di dancing with his best friend, Jun-pyo leaves the ballroom and ends up by the pool, where he takes out his frustration on the poolside furniture.

His anger turns to wussy-boy fear when he sees a bug, and freaks out when it flies toward him. He makes wild swatting motions and tries to ward off the bug, jerking around in a panic. After her dance, Jan-di sits out and watches Ji-hoo dance next with Seo-hyun. Not keen to watch her crush dancing around with his lady-love, Jan-di wanders outside and hears a loud splash. The next thing we know, a student bursts into the ballroom to announce that Jun-pyo has fallen into the pool.

Yi-jung notes that Jun-pyo cannot swim, and everyone stampedes outside. When they arrive outside, Jan-di is dripping wet, having dragged Jun-pyo out of the pool, and shouts at him worriedly to wake up.

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January 9, Age: She debuted as a U idol in Inoue Mao started her career as an actress at five years old. She has been in many dramas since then.

It’s an open secret that Arashi idol group Jun Matsumoto is dating actress Mao Inoue, though their respective agencies prevent them from getting married. But that’s not all. Matsumoto is also alleged to have had an affair for several years with someone else — none other than porn star Tsukasa Aoi.

Both feel sad that it’s over already, as they seem to have developed a somewhat real ‘father-daughter’ connection outside of the filming. Watari even gave his ‘beloved daughter’ Ueto a Tiffany pendant as a parting gift. The last scenes shot at the Toyoma Beach in Iwaki City will also be the highlight scenes in the dorama with the father and daughter confronting each other.

Aya-chan is so adorable, isn’t she? Ueto is having similar feelings. My father is a really kind one. Can I put it on!? Watari chose a 18 karat gold pendant with a heart-shaped charm and diamonds on it. It’s the first time in my life that I’m giving something like that to a costar. Watari bought it at Tiffany’s in Ginza, when they’ve been filming in Tokyo at the end April. He also said that the shop assistant there recommended a carved seal to him.

The reason that Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto “marriage” is reported many times?