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That last link via The Grand Narrative , a very useful resource for those interested in messages about gender in Korean popular culture. Whether they are fairly compensated is another story. You Find the Above Off-Putting: The K-pop machine has been churning out more and more groups, and each in turn has worse and worse odds of gaining enough popularity to ensure long-term survival. In short, f x is a very good way to impress your non-K-pop-familiar rivals without having to wander too far from the mainstream. The quartet puts on world tours, hits various global fashion weeks, and parties with M.

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In her debut with 4Minute, HyunA can be heard growing more into her own style, raising her pitch slightly and sounding more emphatic than before. Throughout , HyunA continued to promote with 4Minute, in addition to making various appearances in collaboration with other artists, such as Navi and Brave Brothers. The catchy, vibrant love song was an instant hit, not only within South Korea, but also globally, with HyunA even becoming the first female solo K-Pop artist to surpass million views on YouTube.

Together, the two artists released an eponymous mini-album, featuring a dance song of the same name.

年:第三張個人迷你專輯《A Talk》 年9月28日,泫雅在 夢想演唱會 的舞台表演 年3月11日,泫雅受邀代表韩流艺人出席在美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀举办的北美音乐庆典 South by Southwest 。.

The song was released on February 7, She was also featured in Hyuna’s album Bubble Pop! The album was released on July 5, On December 22, representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed that following the debut of their first unit group, Trouble Maker the second unit group has been chosen to be her along with 4Minute member Ga Yoon. Musical actor Seo Jihoon will play the role of the guitarist who falls in love with her.

June 6, Nicknames: Rapping, Poppin, Street dancing, Singing Debut: Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, doing Selcas self cameras Education: Korea High School of Music and Arts currently attending Hyuna first rose to fame as the lead rapper of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, before leaving in due to issues relating to her health.

In , she transferred to Cube Entertainment[4] subsequently joining 4Minute a year later. Their debut single, “Hot Issue”, has gone on to become their most successful single yet, selling over 4 million copies. She has also become notable for her solo career outside of her girl group, with her debut single, “Change” reaching sales of over 2 million copies, and her cameo appearance in Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, later featuring in the women’s perspective follow-up, “Oppa Is Just My Style”.

She describes her own solo career as “performance-oriented music And by the way, for all those people who keeps on hating HYUNA and saying mean words against her. I feel sorry for you.

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It’s time for another Kpopalypse fanfiction! This one’s all about everyone’s favourite k-pop solo artist and ex-member of 4Minute, Hyuna! You’re a 25 year old male k-pop fan, and your bias is 4Minute’s Hyuna, because why wouldn’t it be? Hyuna always looks great and has a sexiness that for you is just above other idols, plus on top of that her solo work and songs in 4Minute are excellent.

Feb 04,  · 4minute ‘s HyunA revealed that she has a bad case of the ‘hangry’ when she doesn’t eat on February 17 broadcasting of SBS PowerFM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time ‘, On this day, members of 4minute and Teen Top ‘s Niel guested on the radio show where they talked about their dieting habits as well as dating habits.

Some of which even had the same name. It also marked the rise of new K-Pop groups that, surprisingly, got the most attention in their debut song. But there are some downfalls to some groups that were involved in some issues that may affect their careers. In chronological order not really , we list the things which, for us, stood up the most this August! This August had the most amazing debuts I have seen thus far for their huge popularity on their first song! They also showcased their singing that will completely amaze us all.

One thing that made them stood amongst other K-Pop groups is the vibe they set for their album. Both showed their amazing skill in the scene that will surely set another standard. The melody was kind of weird for me at first, and as it builds up, the cuteness adds up to the vibe of the song. And their interactive MV made me pause the video to see what is missing from both sides. Undeniably, K-Pop girl groups are not complete without their sexiness. Beauty and passion is a plus for her too.

HyunA and E’Dawn Post Date Photos After Firing From Label, Fans Go Wild With Support And Excitement

More from my site Last updated on October 8th, at Surfing excites you at the great level as well as gives surprises and freak you out. She is among those celebrities who prefer to keep their private life under the wraps. Today, we are going to dig in her personal information and find out whether she is dating her boyfriend or is still single. Single, Engaged or Married! She is not fond of revealing her personal life information to the media and rarely attends any events.

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She graduated from Konkuk University , in Contemporary Arts, and received special admission into the school. However, her Chinese teacher told her that it sounded bizarre in Mandarin pinyin: She participated in the group’s debut mini album The Wonder Begins , released in February Hyuna left Wonder Girls in July, when she was removed by her parents due to their concern over her health, particularly chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells.

In May , it was announced that she would debut as part of the girl group 4Minute. Debut with 4Minute and solo career beginnings[ edit ] Hyuna middle performing as a member of 4Minute at Dongguk University in Hyuna collaborated with Lee Gi-kwang on the song ” ” for his debut album First Episode: A New Hero, and also appeared in the music video of his single “Dancing Shoes,” which was released on March 30, On August 13 she rapped for Navi’s song “Wasteful Tears” and she also appeared in the music video.

Hyuna also featured in Brave Brothers ‘ song “Bittersweet,” released August Their first digital single “Tomorrow” was released on October 6, , and the official music video was released on October 12, starring actor Lee Dong-gun.

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Ok, maybe hating is kind of a strong word, but I really, really dislike her. I think she is one of the only celebrities I really don’t like. Hyuna fans are always saying that if someone hates her, it’s because we are jealous, and because she is sexy and hangs out with an idol we like. First of all if that was true we would hate almost all women celebrities, because for the most part they are way better looking than the average girl.

I don’t hate sexy singers or celebrities because I’m afraid they are going to steal my imaginary boyfriend.

Jul 28,  · I guess I’m one of the few that didn’t like the new Hyuna tracks. It just sounds too much like Nicki Minaj with the helium infused rapping. With that said, HOLY SHIT at the Music Bank performance. I honestly don’t remember the last time that I was .

Hyuna is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and performer known for her unique voice, upbeat music, insanely sexy but cute image, and for breaking down barriers for women in K-pop and promoting confidence over everything, making her a role model for girls everywhere. Photo Courtesy of YouTube. And this is mine. Recently though, the singer has been making headlines and causing a stir in the industry—all because of her dating life. Their close relationship was also shown in behind the scenes clips and during performances.

Even though Hyuna is 26 years old and one of the most influential artists in all of South Korea and K-pop, it is well-known that most contracts in the industry contain a no dating rule. The idols wanted to be honest with their fans and stop hiding it from them though, but all they received from Korean fans was immense backlash, while most international fans supported the couple.

After a while of uncertainty, their agency Cube Entertainment responded to this by announcing that the pair had been kicked out of the company: Cube immediately retracted their statement and said they were discussing their future with the artists.

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Kim Hyuna is a South Korean Model, singer, songwriter and rapper. She was born on June 6, She is the main singer and rapper of the group 4Miniute. She is also a half member of the group Trouble Maker She made her name during her time with the group Wonder Girls. However she left the group in on health grounds. Her relationship is quiet secret.

My Boyfriend And I Have Been Dating For Almost Two Years Hyuna & E’Dawn Confirm They Have Been Dating For 2 YearsHow Long Is Too Long to Stay in a Relationship | Dating AdviceI have been dating 3 guys for 2 years now, but sleep with Hyuna and E’Dawn confirmed to have been dating for two hello I have been dating my boyfriend for 2.

Then on September 13, I read the news of my removal. Everyday is torture for me. For these past two months, it has been too difficult for me to wait. I ask that you give a response by the 15th. Then, I would like for the contract to be canceled cleanly and gentlemanly. If I receive no response by then, I will go about it on my own through a press conference on the basis of the facts that have occurred thus far.

I ask once again. Despite my feelings, my image has hit rock bottom and my reputation has been tarnished because of my removal from Cube. If you remember our beautiful memories, I ask that you resolve this issue beautifully and amicably. May Cube experience continuous and endless growth. So Cube was simply retaliating for insubordination, but what actually for? These company stans love to rail on about others not thinking critically about the situation, but they are actually missing the forest for the trees, as the question they should be asking using their own logic is why them dating was ever an issue to begin with.

So yeah, think critically … and they should start.

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To get to the bottom of this, Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, asked the star whether she feels her sexy image is a liability. When do you think you are the sexiest? In fact, being sexy for me is like a cover-up.

this is the full translation of Hyuna’s letter to cube. for everyone calling her selfish because they spoiled that she had been eliminated from PD S1). New Cube poorly handled the dating scandal. + 1 reply 0 left, etc. He wasn’t as active in the company anymore since ~ (more like a CEO by name so to speak) 0 replies.

Now I’m just going to go with how I feel. I will never, never stop. I didn’t want to like them, I wanted to get the song out of my head I wanted nothing more than to listen to their songs so people could just shut up about them already I failed and I’ve never been so pleased! Trouble Maker is an amazing group that will leave your hearts pounding and wanting more One of the very few things I dislike about Kpop Netizens or any netizen, for that matter, that does this is when they start baseless rumors.

Such as was the case with Daniel Lee a. Rumors surrounding his quick graduation from Standford tore his career to tatters and had his family receiving death threats. People often forget that rumors–much more so than truth–can do some serious damage. The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword and once again, one of Kpop’s more liberal groups is under attack.

It was clear straight from the beginning that this duo would be different. It’s unfortunate that this difference is probably what lead a netizen to write a fake article on a application site that went viral.

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Create New Breakup Breakout: Hyuna led a successful solo career after 4minute disbanded. Crowning Moment of Awesome: Her comeback song “Red”, which charted the highest out of any of her solo songs at number one on the Gaon chart and number three on the Korean Billboard chart. It also sold the most of any of her solo singles at 3, , copies.

Cube Entertainment has confirmed that HyunA (현아) is currently in the final stages of preparing for her new album, which is set to release at the end of August. “It is true that HyunA will be making a solo comeback in August. She is currently working hard to prepare,” said the company.

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