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Parents choose home schooling for a variety of reasons, some of which include: In this article, we will consider four areas and look at the pros and cons in each. First, we will address the benefits of homeschooling. Next, we will look at some cautions and considerations you should know if you plan to homeschool. We will also discuss how homeschooling works. And finally, we will discuss the steps you should take if you decide to homeschool. Benefits of Homeschooling Proponents of homeschooling cite statistics, such as the results of a study done by the National Home Education Research Institute which compared average standardized test scores of home and publicly educated children. Homeschoolers had an average test score in the 87th percentile, while public educated students scores were in the 50th percentile. Pros They also talk about the following benefits: Flexibility Learning can continue when a parent or child is sick — with a modified schedule if necessary.

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Do I want to attend a local university… or do I want to see the world? Not a junior college, but an actual university… that happens to be in our town. Or with in the same state. Regardless, hopefully the following will provide you with some insight. This specifically comes in handy the first week or so, when all of the other freshman are nervous of venturing off campus.

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Armed with this preliminary information, it’s time to begin the research. Guidebooks, the Internet, and counselors at school are particularly helpful resources. As your teen chooses potential schools, start visiting campuses and talking with students who go there. Experts suggest narrowing the choices to a diverse mix of about six to 10 schools where the odds range from low to high for gaining admission.

Applications should be filled out completely and neatly, including the essay, which your teen should revise until confident that it’s his or her best work. Many schools offer help in these areas. And don’t cross college off the list because you’re afraid the tuition will be too steep. Many kids can receive financial help. For info about scholarships and other programs that may help, ask:

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When it comes time for graduation, and eventually the transition from high school to college, however, skepticism about continuing these relationships is always induced. For some, this decision means that you feel that your relationship is strong, and worth holding together for this next chapter of your life, which is great. Having a significant other who got to know you, and was there for you all throughout high school is comforting and all, but you will most likely change a lot within these next four years.

Nonetheless, it is so important to make a conscious effort to branch out and challenge yourself to meet new people within these next four years.

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Video about dating a lawyer pros and cons: Should You Date in High School? Pros and Cons Dating a lawyer pros and cons Because they are so used to people who tell hundreds of lies, lawyers are able to sniff a lie from a mile , so there is no point in trying to hide something from them. The jury is still out…. You are sure to see people from Congress, as well as politicians and celebrities there.

One of their friends even referred to you as his learned friend.

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Posted on September 25, Leave a comment There are many assumptions people make about exchange students and the lives they lead, and these conjectures are made by those who have never been on a long-term exchange, those who have never met an exchange student, or those who have met an exchange student but thought they were snotty and conceited. Here is a list of pros and cons to being an exchange student that I hope will a inspire you to become an exchange student and b gain a better understanding to the difficulties of exchange life.

Yes, even the French thought it was cool that I was American.

For some people, having relationships in high school is a significant part of social maturation. That first relationship, which is most likely the first one you’ve ever had, can teach you a lot about yourself, even if it doesn’t last for an extended amount of time.

Although some private schools already have this practice, not all agree that this is the best environment for K students. And although some countries still prefer single gender classrooms, the percentage of mixed-gender schools has increased. There are parents and sectors who maintain that there are more benefits single gender education offers while there are also those who say there are no specific advantages or setbacks proven.

Some also emphasize this practice can even be harmful. Here is a look what the proponents and opponents of single gender classrooms have to say. List of Pros of Single Gender Classrooms 1. Educators can design their teaching style according to gender. Advocates say that single gender classrooms make it easier for teachers to prepare gender-specific lessons for students.

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There are two kinds of kids in high school: I view my persona in high school sort of like a young bird in a strange nest. Growing up in deep countryside, I had one kid who lived close, but he only commuted out from New York City on Friday nights. Worse, where I lived there was zero blacktop, zero anything close to level ground, so learning how to dribble a basketball was a bit of a challenge.

In inter-Greek dating, it is likely that both partners have great leadership skills, want to contribute to the community, have high life goals and, of course, enjoy the party scene. There also are many opportunities to hang out as couple, whether it’s at Greek events, socials or formals.

You have to keep every step very intricately when you are using these online dating services. Everything about these online dating services is not bad and everything is not good as well. So you have to draw a line of your limitations. This is a great and revolutionary service which helped people in meeting their love interest. But since it is an online service therefore you have to be extra cautious while dating online.

There are chances of you been exploited. So everything is up to you how you will make everything happen. There are some strict norms that are to be followed while using these online dating services. The positive things about this great service of online dating are numerous. If you take care of your safety then this can be the best service where you can find a date for you.

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By Uloop Guest Writer on March 23, Dating in college is much different than dating in high school. It was simpler, and smiling at the cute girl or guy scored you a date for Friday night. Welcome to the big leagues. But, did you know college dating is on a different level? Want to know the best and worst things about dating during your college years?

Oct 26,  · Often these types of school have several joint ventures in high school (some co-ed classes, some co-ed clubs, some co-ed leadership opportunities). Many schools intentionally mix the genders in high school for the very reason of getting the girls and boys used to being around each other and learning how to work together.

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. But from college and beyond, climbing the elder tree can have many ups as downs. Sure, age is only a number, but so is height and salary and those things matter too. Pros Generally speaking, older guys are more mature.

By default of where you are in life, older guys have more to offer in the relationship. In terms of emotional attention, five to ten years can make a big difference. Dating someone born in the decade before you means they had more time to figure out their shit and are less likely to play emotional games with you. Plus, they are less likely to ghost via text as they are still figuring out what emojis are themselves.

Finally — more experienced guys often have better taste. This means you have twice as much to talk about so your conversations are always interesting. Cons Dating older guys is not an automatic George Clooney situation. Therefore, guys your age dating down are likely losers in their own class.