Jimin Favorite number is 3 3. Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5. His birthday is 13 October Jimin Fanboy of Bigbang especially Taeyang. Jimin moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after his dance teacher suggested to audition for an entertainment company.

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Birthday is 12 September Hometown is Seoul, Ilsan. Family is Dad, Mom, Younger Sister.

From left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope of BTS photographed Jan. 19 at Korea House in Seoul. Styling by Lee Ha Jung. V, Suga and J-Hope wear Saint Laurent tops and jackets.

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This little misinterpretation is taking awhile to hit K-shores. As for the interpretation, there is most likely a simple explanation which is a simple mistranslation for the simple fact that many idols are in fact not fluent in Japanese nor are all fans so it is very easy to mistake one thing for another. Also it could have made sense in his mind but did not work out once he actually spoke.

All I can say if you were gonna out yourself maybe you want to do it where you feel most liberated, in Korea and in any industry to be actually gay or bisexual is difficult and many actors have spoke on it because it can have negative affects or you can be private. In all it is really his business, as fans all you can do is support them no matter what. You can read the original interview here at Oricon or you can read below for the complete translated interview below:

1. V real name is Kim Taehyung localhost:81’s favorite number is 3. V’s Nickname is TaeTae (friends call him TaeTae~ because it’s easy to say) and Blank Tae (because he always have a blank expression). 4. His birthday is 30 December 5. V’s Favorite foods is Japchae, any type of meat.

His birthday is 30 December Jimin said V sometimes worse than the maknae Jungkook. He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. V favourite color is Black, white, green V Blood Type is AB. V likes almost all of the cartoons on Tooniverse and he watched most of them. But sometimes he comes up with really good ideas and surprises us. I mean, how can a man like that exist in the world? I really thought he was acting. I was wrong, though. V Who came from the stars.

Sometimes, I talk about this with Jimin Hyung.

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I feel that Jin would definitely not like someone who is rude or standoff-ish. Given his age, Jin would want someone who is mature, but also someone that he could laugh with. Originally posted by jiminahhh Rap Monster: Namjoon would probably not go after someone that gave off an innocent vibe.

Dating V/Taehyung. Finally, we have finished the last part for our ‘Dating BTS’ series!! Next up, we will work on ‘Bestfriend BTS’, we hope you look forward to it~ -”And now I want you to meet someone very special and dear to me. Say hello to Soonshim.” bts bts imagine bts imagines bts reactions taehyung v kim taehyung.

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The first one is Jeon Jungkook! Next I’m doing Park Jimin. These are all the things I know.

Feb 14,  · BTS Anti-Ideal Type. Anon I just had to let you know that I absolutely love this ask! Overall I feel that looks aren’t a huge factor in determining whether or not the boys will like someone, but personality and attitude are something that they focus on.

Sunday 29th of January All fans want are for the two to actual start dating! Irene and Park Bo Gum dating rumors: Red Velvet member breaks her. It looks more like V is staring at Irene not Joy. Cross Gene teases for a new date with ‘White Mind’. Wasn’t there another article saying he was looking at Irene , thus dating her.

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Trivia His nicknames are: His zodiac sign is Capricorn Taehyung’s favourite number is 10 He loves bright weather V’s favourite season is Fall Taehyung’s favourite colours are black, white, green and grey. His favourite foods are: Before he received his stage name, he had the choice of picking either Six, Lex, or V, and he chose V, because it stands for victory He used to play the saxophone, since his dad said that a singer should play at least one instrument V’s favourite subject in school is Music He speaks Korean, English and Japanese.

He also said that he’s learning Mandarin He and Jimin used to be classmates in high school V’s role model is his dad who takes care of V and his siblings and listens to everything they say. If he wasn’t a performer he would be a saxophonist or a farmer. He had a pet dog named SoonShim. He loves Panda Express. He ranked 1st place in ” The Most Handsome Faces of “. He is very sociable and he has a lot of friends who are also idols. People used to say he has 4D, called him ‘alien’, but Taehyung doesn’t like it.

Taehyung used to post pictures with his signature name Vante, a combination of V his stage name and Ante from his favourite photograher Ante Badzim.

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BTS just gave their fans a major sneak peak at what’s to come on their forthcoming album, ‘Love Yourself: Tear.’ Of course, the BTS ARMY is HYPED over the new tracklist! BTS fans don’t.

The group members also produce, compose, and write their lyrics themselves. Combining love ballads and rapping with topical lyrics, BTS connected with similarly aged fans and set themselves apart from the K-pop industrial machine. A few months later, they released part two of the saga, the EP O! After four weeks, they set a record as the first K-pop act to achieve such a feat. The group continued to break records with the release of its sophomore LP, Wings.

Released in late , Wings not only became the first BTS effort to debut atop both the Korean album and song charts, but they were the third K-pop act to land in the Canadian Hot However, the album’s impact was most apparent on the Billboard charts. The best showing to date for a K-pop act, Wings debuted in the Top 30 of the Billboard — both their highest U.

They also became the first K-pop act to spend four weeks on the charts. Wings continued the artistic and creative growth for the septet, featuring seven solo tracks that showcased the personality of each member. The updated version added four new songs to the original Wings track listing, including the singles “Spring Day” and “Not Today.

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In BTS, who do you think would prefer to tell the public about your relationship? Who would prefer to keep it a secret? Please do not take this too seriously. You all are entitled to your own opinions, too.

Kim Tae-hyung (김태형) known by his stage name, V (뷔) is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor. He is one of the vocalist and lead dancer of BTS. Kim Tae-hyung was born on December 30, in Daegu, South Korea. He is the oldest boy in his family. He has one younger sister named Kim Eon-jin.

What do you think is the youngest the members would date? I would say at the moment the most would be years younger than them. I had a friend experience this one time.. His lips crashed into yours, hands already tugging your shirt off. I mean, yeah, totally! Taehyung frowned at you skeptically. Why did he have to look so gorgeous? That dream where his beautiful body was on top of yours, those plump lips ravishing your skin… You shook your head again, cursing inwardly and telling yourself to forget the dream and focus on your friend!

Your face looks kinda red. Did I do something to you? What did I murder you in the dream or something? Instead he had unwittingly stumbled upon the truth and it just made you blush harder. Had you just gone and ruined your friendship? How could you not, with someone as perfect as him?

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